Wednesday, September 3, 2008

3rd High Level Forum enters it Second day With Developing Countries Calling on Donor Countries to be More Flexible in Their Approach

The Third High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness today enters it second day of continues discussion on the way forward if Aid is to very Effective.
At a workshop on Alignment – Challenges and the Way forward, Developing Countries especially from Africa called on Donor Countries and Multilateral Agencies to change some of their Polices governing Procurement and other Incentives which are meant to restrict Recipient Countries from using such Aid Effectively to achieve the Millemium Development Goal. Kenya’s Assistant Minister of Finance Dr. Oburu Oginga who led a four member delegation team to the conference also petition Donor Countries to take into consideration the Paris Declaration on Alignment which points among other thing that, both partner countries and development agencies gives broad political support to aligning aid flows with national priorities.
Adding their voice to the call make by developing countries, the Civil Society Organizations also press further for Donor Countries and Organizations to provide a flexible and timely manner approach to Assistance given to Needy Countries.

In other development

The Minister of State for Finance Planning and Economic Development for Uganda , Mr.Fred Omach has attributed the success of his country, in been the 7th African country to be Peer Reviewed out of 53 African countries, to the political will of his government, to have a monitoring evaluation process of the opportunities available in the country.
The government of Uganda was today praised by the Independent Evaluation Group and The World Bank for allowing Uganda to go through the process of Evaluation twice every year to meet the international standard of A grouping in Evaluation. The Minister is part of a high delegation team from Uganda to participate in the third High Level Forum which is currently under way in Accra

The Finance Minister of Uganda, Mr. Fred Omach in an interview with VNN reporter, Benjamin Appiah Acquaye, explains why Uganda has chalk a lot of success in Africa when it comes to Monitoring Evaluation.
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