Thursday, October 2, 2008


Can you describe the feeling when one meets his or her long long time school or classmate? Yes I guess you now know what I am talking about the feeling of great reunion and a tight bond of affection.
This is what exactly happened at the OLD SKUL REUNION PARTY held at the Trade Fair Site in Labadi – Accra. I wish you were there to see things yourself how school and classmates expressed profound joy on seeing their old time friends at one venue to party and have fun.

I was there myself and you know something, I didn’t believe my eyes on some thing that I saw over there. Some enacted what we all used to do when we were in school back in the days with some wearing old faded school uniforms to just grace the occasion.

Listen guys its was an electrifying party with lots of foods, drinks and nice girls and handsome guys to associate with.
Let me take you through some of the fun we had there with this pictures.

Check out my Nkrumah outfit, but hey guy! I'm not an Nkrumaist, it is my dad.
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