Thursday, November 6, 2008


Baah Wiredu tried to bring my dead laptop to life!Kwadwo Baah Wiredu was a gentleman and honourable.I met him while covering Parliament for Radio Ghana many years back, when the NPP was a minority party in the House.
He never had problems with the media. He was hard working, built himself up in Parliamentary work.
I had to do some some work at the State House many years after leaving the House. It was only a handful of the old MP's I could recognise me. Most of the old ones did not make me out. It is understandable because of the long years I spent out of the out of the Press Gallery and he lobby of Parliament as a Parliamentary correspondent. The large number of people MP's meet, one should not expect them to remember every face and name.
So, when I was at State House that sunny day, I was not expecting the most MP's and staff to recognise me. In fact, some of us enjoy anonymity and love walking by without being seen or heard. But on that sunny day at the precincts of Parliament, when I did not want to be seen or heard, no less a person than Honourable Baah Wiredu did see me and called me. I had walked several meters away from his parked car. (He might have been reading something on his car). I impulsivley asked him 'Honourable, so you could remember my name all these years?'
'Why not, Kumah Drah?, he asked with a radiant smile.
As we parted I remembered how helpful he was to me many years ago. I had bought my first used laptop from a visiting African America which went dead. Mr Baah Wiredu was so concerned that he took the machine for diagnosis. Though the machine never came back to life, I appreciated what he did in trying to help me or empower me 'ictcally'
Nice guy, Ghana's ICT would always rememeber him. He was quite instrumental in MIT Negroponte's One Laptop Per Child Programme in Ghana.
May he rest in peace.

Credit. Kumah Drah
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