Wednesday, June 16, 2010


As part of efforts to inspire and empower more girls in making education their bedrock to success, more and more career women are trying to bridge the wide gap between the high turn-out rate for boys and low turn-out rate for girls in our educational circles. Women groups from different professional background are assisting government in encouraging the Ghanaian girl to make education a life time ambition.Right from the Northern to the Southern parts of Ghana these efforts from such women groups has had a positive imparts on the girl child resulting in an encouraging enrollments in all stages of our educational ladder. AN-NISAA Foundation is among some of the women groups that are pushing the agenda for high enrollment of girls in schools.AN-NISAA meanng "WOMAN" in Arabic is a Non Governmental Organisation made up of professional Muslim women whose interest is to EMPOWER and TRANSFORM the Muslim girl through education to face the future with confidence.With hope insight and strong determination to accomplish it ultimate objective AN-NISAA since two months ago has embark on an educational mentoring program to assist the GIRL CHILD and promote quality education in deprived communities in Ghana.The team last week set off to visit the SUHUM ISLAMIC GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL in Suhum a town in the Eastern Region of Ghana.They were met by Hundreds of Students who could not take their eyes off the visitors who have travel all the way from Accra to visit them and share some words of inspiration with them and more interesting was the fact that they were all women in the Muslim faith and at the same time career women.

Let me share this inspirational words with you "Keep your fears to yourself, but share your inspiration with others."

By: Benjamin Nana Appiah Acquaye

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