Sunday, April 29, 2012

The long awaiting roll out services of the sixth telecom operator in Ghana GLO Mobile Ghana, has finally seen the break of dawn as it finally launched its commercial services in a grandest style in Ghana by parading a hosts of Ghanaian Icon or celebrities from the Music, movie and the media fraternity to grace the much anticipated launch of all times by a telecom operator in Ghana. So
The official launch of Glo Mobile services in Ghana which was held in the plush five star hotel in Ghana on Sunday was attended by the Executive Director of Glo Mobile Ghana Mr.Adewale Sangowawa, the chairman of the National Media Commission (NMC), Ambassador. Kabral Blay Amiheri, the President of the Ghana Journalist Association, Mr Ransford Tetteh and the CEO of Ovation Magazine, Chief Dele Momodu. Almost 1.5 million Ghanaian mobile subscribers on Monday,to will wake up to experience a brand new network with a prefix code 023 attached to their already seven digit numbers that is set to change the face of mobile telecom operation in Ghana.
In his address the Chief Operation Officer of Glo Mobile Ghana, Mr. George Andah express led his immense gratitude to the first the President of Ghana the Republic of H.E Prof. John Evans Attah Mills according to Mr. Andah “whose proclamation and help substantially removed some of the stumbling blocks we had encountered in the process of rolling this network”, and “the numerous vendors, suppliers, technical partners and our own staff for their commitment to our vision and dedication to work”.
He said even though Glo face daunting challenges, some of which were beyond its control, they were motivated by the physical and emotional encouragement of Ghanaians from the ordinary man on the street to the captain of industry and top Government official. “Whenever we encountered Ghanaians at the airports, on the streets, in taxis and at social circles, the question on everyone’s lips is “Glo, when will you launch?” The affection is glaring, so infectious and we were touched whenever we heard the personal experiences of people who had even bought handset they will use for their Glo’s SIM, well before we could supply them”

Mr. Andah who looked physically charged up for the occasion in his white Ghanaian smock attire with the official green Glo inscription embroided in it assured the Ghanaian subscribers a modern and reliable telecommunications service that they’ve been yearn for.
The Chief Operation Officer then called on all Ghanaians from all backgrounds and all walks of life to Stand Proud and joins the Glo network. He maintained that Glo is committed as ever to its vision to build the biggest and best telecommunication network in Africa and still determine to use the Globacom success story to make a powerful statement to the rest of the world.
Already about One million, Five hundred subscribers have reserved their lines on the Glo network, which has to handle over 10 million lines. With the launch, subscribers can start redeeming their reserved numbers now in every part of Ghana
Glo Mobile Ghana is also kicking off its service with an amazing product called Good Day Ghana which enables all Glo Subscribers to enjoy mouth-watering offerings such as Free Unconditional 20Gp airtime daily for 100 days: Free calls from Midnight to 5:00am: Bonus on In-Coming Calls: Up to 100% Bonus on Recharges; and Sweet Number which enables subscribers to call one special person at 2Gp per minute.

In an interview with BiztechAfrica at the launch, the Chairman of the National Media Commission and also a former ambassador to Ivory Coast, Mr. Kabral Blay-Amihere commended Glo for honoring its promise to Ghanaians, although it has kept many Ghanaian subscribers waiting Glo’s launch marks another mile stone in the history of Ghana’s telecom industry. He therefore called on Glo Mobile Ghana to roll out its services that are second to none in system, so that Ghanaians will feel their impact as anticipated.
He assured Glo of his Commissions support and that of the media fraternity at all time and wish the sixth telco the best in its endeavor.
Mr. Adewale Sangowawa who is the Executive Director of Glo Mobile Ghana told BiztechAfrica that the launch of Glo network services in Ghana is significant to the Ghanaians subscribers because Glo is going to offer services that would beat the rest on the market. He expressed confident in the Ghanaian subscribers, that they are going to massively going to embraces Glo Mobile not just because of emotions but the products and quality services that Glo Ghana will offer.

Nana Appiah Acquaye
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