Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ghana’s latest ICT project Hope City will cost USD10 Billion

Ghana’s latest ICT project Hope City will cost USD10 Billion according to official from Rlg. The project which will have a computer hardware assembly plant, ICT training centre, banks, shops, pleasure, sports, medical and educational facilities all occupying a 150,000 square miles of space at Kasoa a suburb of Accra is expected to employ fifty thousand people . The Hope City Project is an integrated village with facilities for housing, ICT, Recreation, Business and many more.
HOPE City is designed by Architect OBR as a vertical city composed by six towers linked together by a system of bridges at different height, including common activities and amenities, creating an interconnection of different functions from very public to very private.
HOPE is the acronym of Home, Office, People and Environment.  The City would be built on a plot of 100,000 sqm, developing a total gross floor area of approximately 1,500,000sqm. The project, spearheaded by rLG communications in collaboration with the Government of Ghana, as part of the National Development Policy Framework, is expected to be a replicate of the Silicon Valley in the United States.
The President John Dramani Mahama who cut the sod for the commencement of work on a 10 billion-dollar rlg communication building complex noted that the Project is in line with government’s commitment to working with the private sector to facilitate growth and ensure the fiscal development of our country. “As you are all aware knowledge is driving the world; technology parks, cyber city, e-government and Silicon Valley are pushing the boundaries of the impossible. Wealth and economic growth is no longer dependent on how much gold, timber or oil you have” he added
In attendance is the Senior Vice President of Microsoft Corporation, Mr. Ali Famamwy.

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