Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Hi folks! are you aware that despite the much praise showered on the improvements of our economy, it’s still not strong and vibrant as we were made to believe by politicians? Finally the cat has been left out of the bag and out! Out!!! It runs away to seek refuge in the land of the unknown. Yes wherever effect the truth will take, its is comforting to know that its out and will help us as ordinary Ghanaian to take any pragmatic decision or steps needed in order for us to survive any economic setbacks. I wasn’t that surprising to hear the Director General of National Development Planning Commission, Dr Regina.O.Adutwum admitting that despite the improvements, “the economy still remains basically fragile i.e. small, open , highly dependent on external inflows and vulnerable to shocks triggered by global fluctuations in commodity price as we are witnessing today”. Yes folks trust me, I wasn’t all that surprise at the Directors General utterance because our governments has been foreign donor dependents for far too long failing to adopt a national strategic plan that would for see the harnessing of both our Natural and Human Resource Capital. Let me fill you in folks, evidence from all over the world indicates that no nation including our beloved Ghana can accelerate its social and economic development without properly articulating it vision for development, and its resources, including its human, natural and financial resources towards achieving that vision. Meaning that, there has to be a clear cut strategic national policy which will act as a guide in drawing up a national developments priorities geared towards the utilization of our country limited national resources.
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