Monday, June 2, 2008


Ghana, a country that pride itself as the gate way to the African continent in recent years has become a hub for drug trafficking. Drug traffickers of different nationalities especially Nigerians have found Ghana to be a safe haven for their illegal business transactions. Last year alone 77 parcels of substances believed to be cocaine with a street value of USD 15,000 for a kilo were brought into the country illegally be two Venezuelans drug lords who were aided by their Ghanaian counterparts, some of whom were from our own security agencies. The last three month of the year 2007 also witness several arrest of drug barons who were using the some of the countries borders as transit point for their business. However despite the strenuous efforts by the security agencies including the Narcotic Control Board to curb the use of the country’s borders as a transit point by this harden criminals use proved futile. This drug lords have been able to lure many young ones into the business with fat bank account and other expensive gargets which prevent most of them to report such activities to the security agencies
Most people strongly believe that the Narcotic Control Board and other agencies are no up and doing to discourage others form dealing in illicit drugs left alone stamps it operations out of our societies. The police service and the judiciary have also had their share of the blame. The police institution has allowed greed to infiltrate their ranks thereby resulting in some of their officers been influence by huge sums of money from some of the drug barons who were apprehended and about to be face the full rigors of the law. Recent criticism over some few month in the year 2008 has been the lost of 47 parcels of substances believed to be cocaine from the store room of the Ghana Police Service. Ghanaians found it strange to believe that such an amount of cocaine got missing from a highly security store room, without even a trace from the CCTV security cameras mounted right in front of the security room. Were there not police personnel’ guarding the premises at which those 77 parcel of cocaine are kept? This and many question were on the mind of Ghanaians when the news broke to them. Unfortunately the reaction from the police service to redeem it image from public ridicule turns out to be more humiliating when two police were indicted for assisting harden drug baron to run away from arrest by the country’s security agencies.
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