Wednesday, June 18, 2008

iBurst Africa keeps Ghana in line with global standards

iBurst is setting new standards in technology after being approved as an IEEE standard: 802.20. This creates an open platform whereby iBurst technology will be shared publicly. The publication of IEEE 802.20 or Mobile Broadband Wireless Access (MBWA) Working Group will enable other technology manufacturers to develop and deploy the technology globally.iBurst technology has been officially accredited by the largest professional society in the world - the IEEE.

The publication of this standard is the culmination of over 5 years of detailed analysis and review by technical experts from around the globe. The IEEE, The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, is the world’s most respected technical society and is the organization that sets the standards for a broad range of electronic technology.

In line with iBurst Africa’s objectives, the IEEE’s goal is to enable worldwide deployment of affordable, wide-spread, always-on and interoperable multi-vendor mobile broadband wireless access networks that meet the needs of business and residential end user markets. By publishing this standard, the IEEE has endorsed iBurst technology as key to meeting this goal.

The benefit to Ghana, where iBurst Africa has recently expanded its services in the Accra and the Tema regions, is that iBurst technology is a world class and reliable technology, and will become more widespread and affordable as new equipment vendors join this market.iBurst Africa believes that this standard will ensure that their customers and prospective customers will further enjoy the benefits of their low-cost, always-on, and truly mobile broadband wireless network.
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