Friday, June 20, 2008


It's amazing how subscribers of MTN one of the largest Mobile telecommunication Operators in the Ghana reacted to an announcement by the operator that it has now introduce an Innovative service named MTN Zone. The reaction stern from the fact that MTN not only provide poor services to its customers but also rub millions of them of their purchased credit on their phone leaving them frustrated and disappointed. After a publication from GNA was pasted on the Ghanaweb site, some of the subscribers through their comment to that page vented their anger on the sub standard services provided by MTN.

Below are some of the comments that were made by some disappointed folk using MTN.

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    Uncle Kay
    2008-06-20 02:41:02
    Improve the standard of net work and stop all these crap.

    Bacho Eunice
    2008-06-20 04:41:22
    We really appreciate your efforts in reducing cost of calls but it also makes no sense when one cannot make calls at crucial moments because of poor network services. Phones are not for the beauty of it but for making calls.


    2008-06-20 06:15:05
    Arn, pls wake up.Have u ever seen a policeman taking a bribe b4? But u believe when people say it. Anyway r u an employee of mtn? Do u know what number portability is(ie migrating to another network and still use your number)let mtn try this for one day and see if the name MTN will ever exist

    2008-06-20 06:35:22
    MTN, your comments or your publication is too technical for ordinary subscriber of MTN to understand. Tell the customer, you can make call to all MTN customer at this rate and stop the hide and seek you are doing

    Mobile Telecommunications Network (MTN) Ghana, has announced the launch of a new Innovative service named MTN Zone. The service, which runs on the per second billing plan, gives its Pay As You Go subscribers the opportunity to enjoy up to 100% discount day and night on calls they make to other MTN Ghana subscribers. A statement issued in Accra said MTN Zone subscribers have a flat tariff on all MTN to MTN calls when they register and subsequently receive messages that display dynamic discounts they enjoy at any point in time."In order to enjoy the benefits of MTN Zone, existing and new MTN prepaid customers simply need to register for the service by entering *135*1# and pressing the send or ok button on their handset. Alternatively, they could send 1 to SMS short code 135," the statement said. It said registration onto MTN Zone service was currently free of charge.The statement said subscribers also needed to enter *135*4# and press the send or ok key to activate the cell broadcast functionality on their handsets. It said the cell broadcast feature when enabled, gave MTN customers the opportunity to see the dynamic percentage discount they would enjoy when they initiate a call at that time and the discount would be applicable throughout the duration of the call. "This process is unique for each handset module," the statement noted.The statement urged customers who wanted further information on the service to call the MTN Customer Service toll free number 111. The statement quoted Mr. George Kojo Andah, Chief Marketing Officer of MTN Ghana as saying that "we are excited at what the team here at MTN Ghana has been able to provide after thorough research and development." He said this new service empowered MTN customers with more, choice and control over their cost of making calls, adding that the excitement the service had generated within one week was unparalleled in the industry in Ghana. "As usual we will lead the market in innovation and others can follow", Mr. Andah said. Mr. Andah said MTN regard its subscribers and their satisfaction as the key reasons for doing business and therefore the company kept on exciting subscribers with innovative products, services and value added packages.He noted that MTN Zone was only one of the solutions MTN would be delivering to its subscribers in Ghana, saying that since last year MTN subscribers in Ghana were able to call other MTN subscribers within West and Central Africa at the local rate. "Now we have made it even more exciting by enabling them to call the USA and Canada still at the local rate," Mr Andah added.


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