Monday, June 2, 2008

MTN –the network that practice double standards in terms of Service and Customer Care delivery

Is MTN joking or toying with our precious lives as we try as much as possible get our connection going so that we can pay our high bills and stuff? Now that, all the communications Networks are charging the taxes on every call you and I make, it more distressing when MTN lines are messing up. I have lost a lot of business deals as a result of the failure of MTN to rectify its current network problems and I believe a lot of you guys out there have one way or the other had experienced this problems. I had on several occasion try as much as possible to bring to light these hell MTN is taking us through, but any time I raised the issue up hell breaks loose.

MTN with it propaganda machinery like STRACOM, MEDIACOM etc would quickly move to stop you from letting the cat out of the bag. I remember when a radio station in Accra, I think Vibe Fm try picking up the issue up, I was told by deep throat source embedded with station that, even the CEO of the station was threaten by MTN executive including George Andah the Marketing Manager, that they would withdraw all MTN adverts running on the station should the CEO allow the Presenter to continue with MTN issue. Folks this is one out of the countless stories that shows how MTN takes Ghanaians for granted.

In a report recently posted on Ghana web, Miss Mawuena Dumor, Corporate Services Executive of MTN, Ghana, stated that the company had in recent times spent about 200 million dollars to upgrade its network infrastructure. She said the projects included the construction and activation of new cell sites and improvement of customer care working facilities, noting that these measures were aimed at helping the company to boost its capacity to process calls efficiently as the company's global portfolio increases.Miss Dumor was interacting with media personnel in the Ashanti Region at a forum in Kumasi.
The forum was designed to enable officials of the company to brief the participants on proactive measures being undertaken by MTN, Ghana to improve upon their services in the country and internationally. The Corporate Services Executive pointed out that the total subscriber number of the company worldwide currently stood at 64 million, emphasizing that this development therefore had given MTN a difficult task in respect of addressing the complaints of subscribers. She said in spite of their huge subscriber numbers, especially in the country, her outfit would continue to educate stakeholders through workshops and seminars to identify their concerns so as to address them accordingly.

Should we believe what Miss Dumor just said? All that I can say is Ghanaians are still watching you MTN. Time will tell.
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